These are the demons that have come pouring out of the gateway in DOOM. They are not exact translations of the original DOOM denizens but are pretty close. I have made a few minor changes to some of the monster's powers (usually in special effects of said powers).

When designing the creatures stats and powers, I used a copy of the DOOM FAQ, which listed such useful details as each monster's height, mass, speed, damage capability, and so on. I based the characteristic values on these numbers, as well as personal feelings and play experience. As always, your mileage may vary. Feel free to alter the designs given, I certainly don't consider them "carved in stone." Suggested alterations including giving certain demons various Skills, adding combat levels, altering the values given for BODY, and increasing the creatures defenses (a good suggestion if you drop the BODY stats).

To truly simulate DOOM, one would want to make everything an automaton, since you can't stun anything in DOOM. One would also have to tinker with the damage values given for certain weapons as well.

A quick note on the disadvantages for the demons: I have written down a Psychological Limitation entitled Hostile—will attack anything that hits it (Common, Total) This represents the fact that the typical DOOM demon will lash out at the last thing that hit it, so firing into a mixed batch of demons will often result in a nice Carnival of Carnage (TM) as they dispose of each other!



The character sheets presented are pretty sparse. To fully "flesh-out" the creatures, GMs may want to considering adding to or varying the creatures powers. For example, none of them have Mental Defense or Power Defense. Skills are missing as well, and it seems likely that a more realistic Archvile or Baron of Hell would have an assortment of skills, including: Area, Knowledge and Science skills, as well as skills like Interrogation, Oratory, Persuasion, and Tactics. Additional powers are possible as well. For starters, the Archvile is supposed to cast "spells" and the Revenant could be just the first of a long line of cybernetically augmented monsters. Totally new demons are always a good idea, as the roster could always use more low-level "grunts". When creating new demons, good sources include: other 1st Person Shooters (such as DOOM III), other video games, fantasy RPGs (AD&D is a good choice), and monster movies.

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