CRUSHING CEILINGS: Ceilings that lower and crush objects trapped beneath can be treated as either large physical Energy Blasts (if the Game Master is nice) or as an HKA. Note, however, most ceilings descend rather slowly and are only dangerous to the injured or Stunned. The damage should occur every Segment and getting out might require a STR or DEX roll. Game Masters should take note of the fact a crushing ceiling will destroy any weapons or other objects left under it.

SLIME AND WASTE: Toxic waste will dissolve armor and reduce one's health score. To simulate this in HERO System, a character standing or moving in such liquids should take anywhere from 1 pip to 2d6 of BODY per Segment. This damage affects only the feet and legs (unless you fall in the stuff) which means normal armor won't help one bit. A Radiation Suit will protect one from the goo, at least for a limited time.

For a realistic treatment of such goo, any character walking in the stuff should take 1 pip (or more) of Penetrating Killing Damage per Segment. In addition, the character should also take 1d6 (or more) of NND damage due to inhaled fumes. If using Disabling rules, the damage from wading through toxic waste could reduce a character's Running, leg STR, and overall CV.

TOXIC WASTE BARRELS: Large drums filled with fuel, toxic waste, and other chemicals are found all over the place in DOOM and DOOM II. The drums will detonate if hit with small arms fire. Figure a drum to have a DEF of 3. If any shot punches through that DEF, then the barrel will detonate for 2d6 to 2 1/2d6 of Explosive RKA (energy). If several barrels are near each other, this can start a chain reaction that can prove to be... well... devastating.

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