Level 1 Map

Doomed Hero Level 1

The Entrance Way

This level has been designed to follow the typical appearance of a DOOM WAD. There are sliding doors, computer banks, and bodies all over the place. None of the sections cross over top of each other and the lighting ranges from brilliant to very dim. Naturally, this is only meant as a sample level and not a demonstration of how to build a DOOM "dungeon." It was built with the idea it was going to be assaulted by a single Space Marine (just like in DOOM) with the game setting being "Ultra-violent".

1) The Landing: This is a small concrete deck outside the entrance to the underground base. There is a low 3' railing around the edge and a 6" drop to the ground below.

A) Concrete Drive—This wide strip of concrete and asphalt leads out to the rest of the base. Armored vehicles are parked off-map, having brought the Marines to this point.
B) Grassy Field—Just what it says. This is probably the last green grass the marines are going to see for some time.
C) Fence—This marks the edge of the game map. Beyond is more fields and trees and a view of the burning city in the distance.

2) Security Alcove: This small alcove has a corpse laying out in front of it. The body, like all bodies found on this level, is armed with a standard 9mm handgun. Within the alcove are two zombies, who will start shooting at anyone passing by.

A) Switch—this button opens and closes the door.

3) Computer Room: This fairly large room is lined with multiple computer terminals. There are three corpses here, as well as four zombies (indicated by the "Z"), one sargent ("S"), and two stimpacks ("H").

A) Wall Terminals—these computers are used for communications and tracking purposes. Many of are damaged and/or not working. Those that work are really of no use, as there is no one to talk to or track.
B) Floor Systems—These 8' tall computers effectively block all sight. These machines have no readouts or displays, although they do have small panels of blinking lights.

4) Empty Storage Locker: These small lockers have weapons and/or equipment racks. They are empty of anything useful, although one might find empty boxes, packing materials, and straps in here.

5) Security Alcove: There are two corpses here, as well as a mixed selection of spare ammunition. In addition to the pistols carried on the bodies, there are two more 15 shot pistol clips and two 4 shot sets of shotgun shells.
A) Switch—this button opens and closes the door.

6) Secret Room: The door to this room is marked by a thin strip of light at the bottom, near the floor. Hooking one's fingers under the lip will trigger the sensor and send the door sliding upwards. Inside the room is a fully-loaded chaingun, a 50-round box of chaingun ammunition, and a suit of security armor.

7) Imp: There is an Imp within this small chamber. It will attack the first person through the door. It will also eat that person if given the chance.

8) Stairwell: These stairs drop down into the darkness, and the air gets cooler and cooler as one descends. The actual stairs are very dark (-2 PER), while the landings have a bright light set into the corners (marked by an "A").

9) Waste Disposal: This small, dimly lit room (-2 PER) is part of the sewer access. There is a shallow (2" deep) stream running through one side of the room, passing through barred grates at either end. Two sargents are in this room, and will fire on anyone coming down the stairs.

A) Waste Barrels—Three drums of waste sit here. A missed gunshot may detonate the barrels. Behind the barrels is a red passkey, which may or may not survive an explosion.

10) Hallway: This hall is dimly lit (-2 PER) and very dusty, with damaged walls and a broken ceiling. There is a body in the middle of the hall.

11) The Chasm: The floor has given way here and the hall is split by a yawning chasm. There is no light, and the bottom of the chasm is shrouded in shadows. The pit is at least 20' deep and filled with a good three to four feet of cold, cold water. Getting across should be nearly impossible.

12) Darkened Hallway: The hall, filled with debris, junk, and another corpse, stretches off into the darkness. The lights are out down here, and the passage can go where ever the GM cares.

13) Terminal Room: This long narrow room has several more computer terminals. The lights, set into the corners, are flickering constantly, causing a -1 to all PER rolls. There are six zombies ("Z"), a suit of security armor ("S") and a medkit ("M").

A) Terminals—These are much like the systems in Room 3, being 8' tall and really not much use. Monitors display images of burning buildings and readouts from various satellites.
B) Column—this thick stone and concrete pillar is marked with small direction signs, warnings, and other typical notifications.

14) Hallway: The hall is dim (-1 PER) and there are two corpses at the corner. The locker doors and surrounding walls are even more shot-up than usual.

A) Red Security Door—The passcard from Room 9 is needed to open this door. If the card is missing or destroyed, one could use Electronics and Security Systems. A -3 seems a good modifier to get the door to open.

15) Command Center: This hexagonal, brightly lit room is lined with computer terminals and readouts. A raised platform is in the middle of the room and two sargents ("S") are on this. One one side is a slightly raised alcove, in which are four zombies ("Z") and two medkits ("M"). In the back of the alcove are two access panels, which will raise up at the flip of a switch. Inside the maintenance room are two imps ("I") and a combat shotgun ("CS").

A) Wall Terminals—these computers are used for communications and tracking purposes. Many of are damaged and/or not working. Those that are are really of no use, as there is no one to talk to or track.

16) Exit: There is a single imp here, guarding the exit to the next level. This hall is very dim and gives a -2 PER to rolls.

At this point this "level" ends the play begins on the next "level," which might be another part of the base, another floor or somewhere else entirely. Some WADs are designed so that the next level is related to the last one (I played one WAD where the end area of each level was used as the start area for the next level), while others don't really care.

Note in the actual game, the exit is usually marked as "EXIT." Often this is a switch or a door that needs to be passed through. When in "Hell," the exit becomes a pit, which reflects the sky above, giving a nice "bottomless" look.

Naturally, this entire idea of levels and exits can be discarded if the Game Master wishes, in favor of more logical scenario layout.

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