PLAYER: Lise Mendel

Story: Thorn was just another Zone Ganger. She was a member of the "Wizards of Odds", a Wiz-Gang (that means that it was a gang of psychokenitics and other assorted psychics).

One day, the "Wizards" ran afoul of Ran. The battle was short and ugly, and sent Ran off on a rampage that was felt throughout the Zone. Miraculously, Thorn survived.

Though physically unharmed, she was deeply traumatized. She has declared "Thorn" dead, and renamed herself "Blade". Now she is trying to rebuild a life for herself and her family.

Description: She's a reasonably athletic looking teen ager. She's in the process of "rebuilding" herself, and is in the process of developing a new style to go with her new streetname. So far, that look involves a shaved head, and a prediliction for wearing knives.

Emotionally, Blade is somewhat unstable at the moment, certainly vulnerable and possibly suicidal.

Time will tell.

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