PLAYER: Gregory Bloom

Story: David Ganavan was an employee at Kagura Inc., part of a team designing and wielding anti-psychokinetic weaponry.

The goal of the project was to create a series of equipment and weapons that could bring down even powerful psychokinetics. These could be given to combat cyborgs or synths and, when mass produced, will allow a strike force to overwhelm a psychokinetic. Although David was not the head of the team, he was one of the more important members. He had extensive training in all areas that the team covered, from actual production and creation of the weapons to the science behind how they worked, and was one of the developers and researchers in how the equipment should function. He also aided in the research on how psychokinetic powers function, and what strategies work best against them.

However, as the first gun was being constructed, David began to see more and more corporate paranoia growing amongst his co-workers and bosses. He realized quickly that management was beginning to crack down on its employees, and had no desire to end up a slave. When the first test in the Zone was scheduled, David began a plan that would allow him to escape without fear of pursuit. While they had entered the Zone and started setting up equipment for the test, David began to form a stash of extra equipment he smuggled along. He continued to do so for several more tests, getting all the supplies he would need. On the fifth test, and the last one he would be involved in, he staged an accident that collapsed the building he was supposed to have been working in. The sheer panic this caused allowed him to escape, leaving the prototype buried under rubble while he slipped away to where he moved his stash to, the basement of what was once an office building. Hiding in there with several months worth of canned food, water, and mechanical equipment, he waited for the crew to finish digging through the rubble and leave. Unfortunately, he knew that soon they would discover he was alive, and probably come looking for him. What he did not know, however, was that one of the employees had known about him smuggling equipment into the Zero Zone, a Shiroko-Tsuhi spy. He used his supplies to rebuild the prototype as much as he could on his own, hiding out and hoping they'll give up. Unfortunately, he doesn't know the Zone very well, and now only has a week or two of food and water left... furthermore, the spy has let Shiroko-Tsuhi on that he's escaped, and are assessing whether he would be useful, and in what manner would they acquire him.

David Ganavan had been heavily studious since he was a child. His parents were quite hard on him, throwing a fit if anything was even slightly wrong with his grades. The pressure this caused was great on him, and although he was quite smart he never quite reached their expectations. When he was fourteen he ran away from home, intending to hide in the Zone, possessing no more knowledge about the streets than anyone else his age. Although he got a very vague survival sense from his hiding out in Neo York, before he could die or get a real sense of independence, let alone sneaking into the Zero Zone, he was caught sneaking into a Kagura Inc. van. Instead of throwing him in jail, like he expected, they were more interested in how he got past the security locks on the van, and how a kid like him had ended up on the streets. One interview later, he was "adopted" by the company, put into an accelerated learning program, and made into an employee. At first he enjoyed working at the company, his immediate superior being a man of great patience and common sense, something he respected greatly. In many ways his wisdom and knowledge rubbed off on David, giving him a unique outlook on life, politics, and people in general. Unfortunately, Toju Nambu was transferred away when he was 18, and although didn't hate, David certainly didn't like the man who took over the program.

Personality/Motivation: David is a fairly decent man in the wrong side of town. He believes quite firmly in treating people fairly and equally, even if they are synths. Unfortunately, he tends to trust in people a little more than he should, but at least not foolishly so. He does though give people more respect than they would expect, and is good at making friends. He has no major goals at the moment, except that he hopes to someday bring down the corporate powers, or at least changing the system. An idealistic goal, but a goal nonetheless. Unfortunately, he is likely to be hammered down - like the sole peg sticking out - in the business world, and too often he has gotten in trouble for doing things that he thought was smart at the time, but in hindsight wasn't. Fortunately, his habit tends to help "humanize" people, and can at least get him out of ordinary trouble on occasion.

quote: "Gah! This is RIDICULOUS!!"

Powers/Tactics: David prefers to hang back in a fight, using the Flare Rifle to snipe at opponents without them knowing where they are being attacked, or to avoid fighting entirely. His best talent is to upgrade or enhance others weaponry, or to lend the real gunners some good equipment. He is, however, good at avoiding being hit in a pinch, and the Flare Rifle is a difficult weapon to fight when it is used properly. With Jinsei's invasion, David's finally begun to investigate the area he is in. He is especially hoping to salvage equipment from the invaders... if he ever finds out what is going on in the first place.

Appearance: A white Caucasian man about 5' 2", the stature of someone used to recreation and sports, but not a "sports jock." Short brown hair that is a bit of a mess, with blue eyes and a strong gaze. He possesses an almost "mousey" Appearance, but not seedy or unkempt enough to be considered "ratty". He wears a slightly thick grey windbreaker that was made for cold winds and fall weather, and keeps it in as good condition as he can. The rest of his clothes tends to be in a bit worse condition, usually jeans with holes he's attempted to sew up and shirts that need a bit more cleaning. He wears hiking shoes or boots, the latter when he is staying in a safe location, and the hiking shoes when he knows he needs to run (the reason being is that the boots will stay together longer, but are harder to run in).

Designer's Notes: I created David around after I had read to Turn 20 or so. I wanted to create a weapons expert, and since at the time in the story there was very little anti-psychokinetic weaponry, I decided to make that his specialty. To keep it from being a big deal, I made the weapon unfinished and unreliable, the explanation being that the weapon can overheat and the poor parts that it was finished with can break or melt.

I took the science skill enhancer, though I tend to dislike the sort of thing that pays for itself. I admit though that it's sort of needed, with all the areas that someone can be skilled in with science. His Money perk is to represent the large supply of gear he has. Essentially, he has quite a few things to trade, even if they often get broken, lost, or taken apart for something else. I felt I should put points in something as opposed to assuming he has all the crap he has for free. The main difference between the Money and buying specific weapons is that it all often gets lost, broken, switched, or taken apart, so what he has isn't reliable, just that he'll have something. I intend to wait a bit before introducing David, as I need more time to settle things down in my life and make sure I'm caught up in University. I also hope to get my G4 to either accept the 120GB hard drive I installed as real, or to get it to let go so I can return it, but I think I'll be joining sooner than that. If I end up having to send it into a shop, I'll use a school computer and store my writing in my email account. I also hope joining this game will help me practice my writing skills, as I need some work in the creative writing department. I'll be going through and editing his background more later.

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