PLAYER: Thomas Clegg

Story: Born in the north of Japan to a Half-Russian doctor (Anton Chekov) and the Japanese Security (Miya Finia) officer assigned to protect the facility. He grew up in the facility and took up his father's profession. His mother, however, also made sure that he was well able to defend himself in any situation. He also took up a friendship with a fellow medic (Cosuego) and even began a love affair with her. They were assigned to the local ERT and qualified for Deep-Oceanic Rescue.

The good times lasted for almost a year. Then it all fell apart after a mission. The mission had called for the rescue of a research team in an Aquatic Lab. During the rescue, Ky had to choose between his lover and a victim. He didn't think that he had a chance to get both, so he saved the scientist. Coseugo blamed him for leaving her since now she was turned into part machine.

Ky ran. To remind him of his guilt (as he saw it) he got a tattoo of an octopus applied where he would see it every day in the mirror. It covered his left eye with it's main body, and it's tentacles stretched back into his hair. It was a GloTat, so at times he let it glow and watched the tentacles writhe with his hair in the wind.

Description: Ky is a tall (6'8") young man in his mid twenties with tanned skin and black hair down to his shoulders. Over his left eye is the tattoo of a octopus with it’s arms reaching back into his hair. Where the arms touch his hair, the hair is actually synthetic and is in the Glo style of the tattoo as well. He tends to dress in high-quality denims and suits. He wears a long trenchcoat (armored) when out and about anywhere but the corp zones.

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