PLAYER: Jeff Skagen


Story: Shoko is not the Puma-class synthetic she is usually assumed to be. Designed and manufactured by Avatar Designs, she was a prototype of a new and improved class of security synthetic, the Fox-class. Unfortunately, Mitsumi learned of Avatar Designs plan to market a cheaper and more effective competitor to their own Puma-class synthetic. They did not react well. Avatar Designs main compound in Jamaica was assaulted and quickly fell before the military might of the giant Mitsumi Corporation.

Nagate Onizawa, one of the scientists who had helped design Shoko, took her in tow. They managed to flee the compound undetected, and eventually made their way to Australia, where they lived for two years. Then a Mitsumi stealth team, apparently trying to retrieve Shoko, assaulted their residence one evening. Shoko took out the team, but Nagate had been accidentally killed in the firefight.

She fled to Neo York on a freighter, and made her way into the Zero Zone. She soon found haven at Bell's Motors, where she worked during the day. By night, she stripped with the Puma Sisters at various Zone nightclubs, and later worked as bouncer and doorman at the Vat.

Unfortunately, her whole world recently came crashing down yet again when Jinsei invaded the Zone. Bell's Garage came under attack, and collapsed on Shoko as everyone else there fled. Korey Winters rescued her soon after. For the moment she is staying at Korey's place in Neo York, but her circumstances are unsettled, to say the least, and she had no idea what the future might hold for her.

Personality: Shoko is surprisingly laid back and even-tempered for a security synthetic, although she is developing a serious dislike of the bigger corporations, like Mitsumi and Jinsei, thanks to them having ripped her life apart on at least three separate occasions. She is capable of letting a few insults pass before becoming riled up, and will often try to find a way to avoid an unnecessary fight. If yelled at by a friend, she is more likely to wilt before him or her than to become angry in turn. She is usually friendly and cheerful, but is prone to worrying excessively. While she lacks the "damn-the-torpedoes" attitude of many security synthetics, she retains their fondness for big weapons.

Description: Shoko is very tall, standing just shy of six and a half feet. She tips the scales at nearly 190 lbs., with a build that is buxom and broad-shouldered. Her skin looks deeply tanned, almost a cinnamon shade, and her eyes are an arresting yellow-orange color. Her shoulder-length hair and fox-like tail are an unnaturally bright shade of red. She has the typical cat-like ears of a Puma, though hers are somewhat oversized. Her movements are graceful and fluid, with a sense of restrained power.

Out on the street, she typically dresses in a brown armorcloth jacket, and tight armorcloth pants tucked into knee-high boots. Under the jacket is a colorful T-shirt, typically cut short to bare her midriff. Her Stormbreaker normally rides in a slightly worn leather holster on her right hip.

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