Nina Corovic is the only survivor of a Galactic Federation expedition to a mysterious alien ruin found in the distant Olra system (located on the edge of Federation/Mandaarian space). The ruins might be of Mandaarian origin, they might be of Malvan, or—as most believe, they may belong to some as yet, undiscovered race (circumstances surrounding the fate of the expedition meant little evidence was recovered and brought back for study). Regardless, the ruins, while millennia old, are apparently still in operational order, with automated defense systems, and if Nina's reports are to be trusted—are inhabited by a non-indigenous race of exceedingly hostile xenomorphs. Nina herself was mortally wounded attempting to escape from these life-forms (which apparently are not Xenovores) and by chance stumbled into a medical station. This station placed Nina in a surgical chamber, which then spent months rebuilding her damaged body. When she finally emerged from the chamber, Nina found that most of her body (such as her limbs) had been replaced by cybernetic implants, and in fact, she was virtually a full-body cyborg.

As a cyborg, Nina possess physical prowess far dwarfs any Galactic Federation battlesuit, and is even stronger than the armored suits worn by the Celestial Rangers. She can lift hundreds of tons and as seen below, is capable of balancing a boulder on a single finger. She is also capable of leaping immense distances and is nigh-on to invulnerable to most conventional attacks. Interestingly, Nina's new body is one of the most energy efficient devices known. While Nina still needs to eat, drink, and sleep, she doesn't produce waste by-products—except for her hair, which grows at an exceedingly fast rate, reaching ankle-length is a matter of a few weeks. Nina has given up trying to keep it cut and simply lets if grow out.

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