Track List

  1. Beginning (Prologue)
  2. XSWAT's Theme
  3. Never Surrender
  4. Angelus
  5. To Face an Entity
  6. Dreaming in Digital
  7. Esper
  8. To Be Free (Clades Theme)
  9. Omega Sector
  10. Banquet of Battle
  11. Dreams
  12. Prepare for Trouble
  13. The Cybernet
  14. Incursion
  15. The Forbidden Pensee
  16. Victory
  17. Winter Born (This Sacrifice)
  18. Passion and Pride
  19. Opening of Nightmare's Gate

Source Material

  1. (Same song name), Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, Fafner in the Azure
  2. Theme of the Undersea Battleship, also Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, Super Atragon soundtrack
  3. First Knight, Jerry Goldsmith, First Knight soundtrack
  4. Unknown title, unknown artist, Sol Bianca: The Legacy soundtrack
  5. Zavitz Chase Part 1, Harry Gregson-Williams, Enemy of the State soundtrack
  6. Fiction (Dreaming in Digital), Orgy, Vapor Transmission
  7. Flame, unknown artist, Witch Hunter Robin soundtrack
  8. To Be Free, unknown artist, Sol Bianca: The Legacy soundtrack
  9. Coal Yard Part 2, Harry Gregson-Williams, Enemy of the State soundtrack
  10. Banquet of Battle, Russian Philharmonic Orchestra, Silent Möbius movie soundtrack
  11. Dreams, unknown artist, Gundam X soundtrack
  12. Metal Gear May Cry, Jared Hudson, Devil May Cry and Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty soundtracks
  13. The World, Yuji Kajiura, .Hack//sign soundtrack
  14. The Evil Wings of Swift Wind, unknown artist, Read Or Die soundtrack
  15. The Forbidden Pensee (English version), unknown artist, Silent Möbius TV series soundtrack
  16. Victory, Bond, Best of Bond
  17. (Same song name), Cruxshadows, Ethernaut
  18. Pride (Hal's Mix 2005), High and Mighty Color, unknown album
  19. Opening of Nightmare's Gate, Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, Fafner in the Azure

Soundtrack Notes

  1. This song was not only NAMED Beginning, it was by a nice philharmonic orchestra and seemed to catch the dark theme of the game well.
  2. I've always adored this track from Super Atragon, something about it always said "majestic" and "martial" to me—a fitting theme for XSWAT, IMHO.
  3. Definitely a song for Carpenter, this song seems to fit with the sword-wielding paladin image.
  4. A techno track that captures the high-tech feel of Angelus in general.
  5. Enemy of the State has a lot of great tracks—but then, I'm a Harry Gregson-Williams fan. Anyway, this song has a threatening feel to it that I believe would match the first encounter with an Entity.
  6. This song immediately caught my imagination—the bio-gestalt computer came about mostly because I was listening to this song and thought it was a really great idea. What kind of being would actually dream in digital?
  7. This song is a haunting one that suggests to me otherworldly powers—almost perfect for Espers in Angelus.
  8. Not exactly the best fit, but this song does add something to the idea of Clades.
  9. Another Enemy of the State song, this one (although there are better out there) does a good job of making the Omega Sector seem ominous in a far-away manner.
  10. A great Silent Möbius track, this song is a homage to the source material and also suggests a battle with an Entity.
  11. Dreams—a great song that I feel links in to XSWAT's ultimate dream to free Angelus from the Entity threat.
  12. Two great soundtracks mashed together to make an awesome song. This song always says to me "get yourself ready to kick ass!"
  13. .Hack//sign is a boring anime, but has great music. This song represents the cybernet (which can be home for some kinds of characters—not any of the current group, really, but there are hackers and the like out there).
  14. Read Or Die's music is fantastic—this song is definitely one of the darker ones and calls to mind a rough battle against a highly skilled opponent—Marcus Bentley perhaps?
  15. Another homage to the source material, this is the opening song (in English) for the Silent Möbius TV series and is a character montage piece. I usually think of the entire squad when this is playing.
  16. Victory is an upbeat tune that is meant to represent the squad defeating an enemy and that celebratory glow afterwards in your heart.
  17. Winter Born was chosen with Carpenter and Hemelshot in mind, but it's a great "get your head in the game" song that reminds you what you're really fighting for sometimes.
  18. Passion and Pride is an excellent "ass-kicking" energetic song that's meant to represent the squad's renewed dedication to taking on all comers.
  19. With a name like Opening of Nightmare's Gate, I don't think I COULD choose anything else to round out the soundtrack. This song is not only a bookend with Prologue, but it also suggests that the story has just begun...