The 9th Squad geared up for a raid on Phoenix Interactive. Their intent—to discover evidence linking the bio-gestalt computer to the organ-legging ring run by Andrew Dumas. Both Hemelshot and Tyger suited up in XM-88 Power Armor, while the other officers selected clamshell vests. Dr. Burton had spent his time wisely, and had cooked up several useful computer programs that, with luck, could isolate and suppress the corporation's security measures.

Hemelshot planned the team's approach carefully. The two Power Armors would lurk nearby while Carpenter and Jama went inside. Dr. Burton remained safely back while he kept his programs ready in case of trouble. There were many indications that Phoenix Interactive was no longer the name of the company—the sign outside was being changed and the sign inside had been removed.

Jama and Carpenter asked to see the corporate head of security, but were rebuffed. Carpenter insisted, and the security team went into action, calling a "Code Black." As Corporate security agents drew weapons (heavy-bore submachine-guns), the rest of the squad went into action. Tyger and Hemelshot burst in through the glass while Burton's program began hacking into the corporation's security net. Meanwhile, Carpenter and Jama were exchanging fire and taking cover from the security guards—Jama's shield proved well-placed, and Carpenter soon found that the admittance desk made an excellent place to shelter.

Tyger and Hemelshot mostly absorbed fire, while Jama and Carpenter put down some of the security guards. More security forces were on their way when Burton's program finally finished loading and slammed down heavy armored doors across the entranceways. Only quick thinking on Tyger's part kept Burton from being trapped outside!

The battle wound to a close as a hologram flickered to life within the building. The hologram introduced itself as Mr. Ozaki, the CEO of Kurotachi Corp (Angelus). Ozaki asked the squad to stand down and ordered his own security to cease hostilities. Carpenter made arrests while Hemelshot spoke with Ozaki—the corp executive asked his secretary to step into the room with some files, and attempted to make a deal with the squad for extraterritoriality. Meanwhile, Jama's magic was quite impressive to some of the captive security guards. She had, in fact, managed to talk them out of their security pass-codes thanks to a scary-looking "light" spell.

Ozaki warned Hemelshot that the corporation had a great deal of resources—physical, economical, and political—and there could be consequences if the squad continued on its present course. Hemelshot refused, and was ready to send the squad in full-bore after the bio-gestalt computer on sub-level 3 when Ozaki relented.

The CEO produced two files—the first, he claimed, held the truth about who hired the cyborgs that had killed so many policeman. He offered this file in return for extraterritoriality in this case. Hemelshot refused, and was about to re-engage towards his goal when calls reached him from Councilman Hart and Director Cadbury—both of whom were in the middle of a city council meeting. Cadbury ordered Hemelshot to stand down and explained that Kurotachi's political power could threaten everything that XSWAT had accomplished so far.

The second file contained a wealth of evidence laying out that the bio-gestalt computer and the organ-legging were all connected to one man—Phoenix Interactive's VP of Research, Richard Thomas. Hemelshot accepted the second file as completion of the mission and the 9th Squad left the corporate location. Hemelshot then directed the squad to capture Thomas, a task easily accomplished—the executive was barely out of bed when the team arrived!

With Thomas in custody, it was then time to get ready for Tyger's Preliminary Hearing on the charge of police brutality and attempted murder. Judge Reinholdt presided, while the DA's office had sent Special Prosecutor Roger Davies. Tyger had been assigned a public defender with a terrible record, and things were looking grim. As the hearing began, however, Leo (the clade rights activist) showed up to the trial with his credentials—he had passed the bar two weeks prior. Leo's presence seemed to rattle Davies somewhat, and the normally dapper Special Prosecutor found himself relying more on racial allegations over testimony and evidence. Thanks to impassioned words on Tyger's behalf from his teammates and a spirited defense by Leo, Tyger was determined to have been acting in the line of duty. The judge recommended a brief period of suspension, a reduction in rank of one grade, and community service to reflect the seriousness of the charges against him.

Clearly, someone had stacked the deck against Tyger. Was there some kind of anti-clade conspiracy within the city? Carpenter's suspicion of this nature only sharpened when he sensed a non-supernatural evil within Davies, and the XSWAT officer soon began his own, unofficial inquiry into the Special Prosecutor's background.

Meanwhile, deep underneath Kurotachi Corporation's research facility, the bio-gestalt computer dreamed....