Nestor (OOC about the team sorceress): "I am Jamadagni Renuka. You are very impressed."

Ross (the GM) describes a NPC that looks a lot like David Lopan from Big Trouble In Little China.
Jamadagni Renuka's player (OOC): Oh, crap! My character has green eyes! I'm screwed!"

Nestor on Tyger, the human/cat cross: "I'm your worst nightmare. A clade with a badge!"

Burton (team scientist): "We should wear helmets to defend against mind control."
Carpenter (team paladin): "I hope I'm not allergic to tinfoil."
Tyger: "I'm not wearing a colander on my head."
Burton (look's at Carpenter's sword): "I'm not the one using 12th Century technology."

Ross (the GM): *holds up a drawing of the monster on the map*
Yar: "Is that to scale?"
Ross: "Not quite."
Yar: "Thank God."

Nathan Carpenter: "Renuka, are you making water?"

Nathan Carpenter: *picks up injured victim of Entity attack*
Sgt. Hemelshot: "We need to talk about proper medical procedure."
Nathan Carpenter: "The Doc's cleared him. No broken bones, he can be moved."
Sgt. Hemelshot: *long pause* *mutters into his databand*

Sgt. Hemelshot: (speaking to Nathan Carpenter and Jamadagni Renuka) "You two do your hummana, hummana thing."

Nathan Carpenter: "Great evil was here, but it has left the building."

Gram Burton: (Rolls a 14 on his 13- skill) (OOC) "I'm deprotagonized! I'm not a cool guy any more, since I just blew the skill I'm good at."

GM: (to Sgt. Hemelshot) "You doing anything special?"
Sgt. Hemelshot: "Not until after I call my wife."
GM: *ring, ring, ring* *click* "Hello, this is the Hemelshot residence. We're not home now..."
Sgt. Hemelshot: "Now I'm doing something special."

GM: (to Sgt. Tyger) "Your attack has no effect."
Sgt. Tyger: "Well, fuck!"
Nestor (OOC): "We'll put that on his tombstone: 'well, fuck!'"

Gram Burton: "Note to self: Must examine Carpenter's sword."

GM: There's a clade (replicant) rights protest in progress and blocking the street. They are carrying signs such as "Clade Rights Now" and "We Are Sentient Too."
Mike: "As well as "Who Built Your House?" and "We Are Angelus."

Mike (OOC about the clade Tyger): "Don't look at him son, he's a defect."

Comment on trying to drive through said protest with a very large truck: "Clades in the gears."

Sgt. Tyger (the clade) rolls a "17" when firing his 25mm autocannon at an enemy in powered armor. He misses and ends up firing into the clade protest.
His foe: "For Saint George!" (charges Tyger's powered armor)
Yar (OOC as Sgt. Hemleshot): "I'll give him [the foe] that."

Officer Carpenter blesses the squad, we all have +1 Overall Level. "You feel good."


Officer Jama on her purpose in life: "To be the best sorceress I can be. To uphold the traditions of my family. To honor XSWAT."

Tyger the clade arrives at the team BBQ.
Angelique (who's 4): "Kitty!" *hug*
Tiger: "Agh!"

"You can also... wait, this is Tyger, he wouldn't."

"He's firing for effect? I'm effected."

Burton: "... my Macintosh MacBook 2112."
Mike (OOC): "The Rush Edition."
The GM: *laughter*

Hemelshot: "Can he make a PER Roll to see if he notices I'm not carrying a computer and am carrying a really big gun?"
The GM: "He doesn't. He's going to attack you."
Hemeshot: "YES! Wait a minute...."

Mike: "Jama doesn't make pithy comments."

Robert: "Nestor? Can you make a half move so I can get to the pizza?"

Nestor (OOC about Tyger versus the esper): "Ohhh... he's scary, I must make myself big!"
(With thanks and apologies to Red Dwarf)

Robert (OOC looking up from Gadgets and Gear): "Okay, I'm ready to kill."

The GM (as an AI computer): "Something's holding my hand and won't let go."

Officer Burton to the topless strip club waitress: "I'll have a cup of tits... I mean tea."

Officer Tyger (a cat clade) (OOC): "Madam Red (a vixen clade)? Where did she get that name?"
Officer Jama (also OOC): "I don't know, Tyger."

Madam Red to the PCs: "You're not from around here. I like that in a man."

Michael describing his character's actions in the strip club: "Jama is on ass-slap patrol."

Officer Carpenter to a victim of Evil: "Repent."

Thug hits Carpenter with a knife: "Armor? Shit."

"Stop humping my leg you stupid human!"

Officer Burton: "It's for science!"

Sgt. Hemelshot notices that Officer Burton has lipstick smeared near his mouth.
Burton: "I can explain."

Mike's comment to Josh on the new costume designs he's drawn: "This is for a new action figure line, isn't it?"

Officer Tyger takes 9 BODY... again.
Mike: "Tyger, they're gonna give you your own room at the hospital."

Nestor: "Psychic Heimlich Maneuver!"

Sergeant Hemelshot: "Officer Karuk, go over to where [the monster] emerged and see if there's another one."

Officer Jamadagni Renuka (after being rescued from being swallowed by the monster): "Sarge? Permission to take a really long hot shower."
Nestor (OOC): "Sure, but we will need to keep you under visual observation."

The GM: "For Tyger, shooting someone twice is pretty intimate knowledge... it's how he met his girlfriend."

Random comment on gender issues in 2112 Japan: "Hasn't 200 years of anime taught them anything?"

"It's like she crawled inside somebody and they died."
(The winning comment on the smell after Jama was rescued from being swallowed by a monster.)

Yiska the esper points his pistol as a security guard: "Secure this."

GM comment on someone making a 8- Breakfall Roll: "I'm so smart, I thought myself to a standing position."

Yiska blows his roll for BOECV TK (OOC): "Go on a diet!"

A nameless NPC is decapitated by flying glass.
Mike: "That's what you get for being in a Stephen King adventure."

Carpenter the Paladin rolls a 4 to hit the monster with a 4d6 AP HKA. His result?
5 BODY, 15 STUN.

OOC comment on the fight: "That's your plan? Somebody stun it?"

After Action Report on the monster fight: "We came, we saw, it almost kicked our ass."

Carpenter to Yiska after the latter's use of telepathy: "Did you leave anything?"

Yiska: Anything we can do to distract Class 1 and 2 Entities?
GM: Bring a lot of raw steak.
Nestor (OOC): Yiska? Why do you think you're here?

Nestor (as Carpenter kills a killer teddy bear): Fluff flies.

Burton: I step up to (the killer teddy bear) lean down and take its picture.

Carpenter: Doctor (Burton), do you need any help?
Burton (brandishing scalpel): Can you hold this (monster) down?

Nestor: What Phase are we on?
Michael (hold up four fingers): Three.

GM: Burton? You're stuffed inside the (mecha) cockpit.
Burton: Great! That's where I was heading anyway!

Michael: Yiska? You're being inappropriately touched by an unholy angel.

Michael: Tyger's Blue Steel Special is being gang raped by the J-Team. They're going to give him the full 14-point inspection.

Burton: DEX roll and Unluck? Thanks Carpenter.

GM: (Yiska), I have your EGO +40. I need to talk with you in the other room.
Yiska: I'm saddened.

Robert (OOC): What's a 'drider'?
GM: Drow-spider centaur.
Robert (OOC): *sigh* D&D.

Nestor: This is going to be bad, or very bad.

GM: You have a 6-ton power armor on you.
Hemelshot: Am I trapped?
GM: It's on top of you.
Hemelshot: I'll take that as a yes.

Michael: We have a laser mounted in a shopping cart?

Carpenter: Don't mind him, he's a scientist.

Nestor on Tyger's plan to use Demolitions: "For your information, Plan B is not Plan A with more explosives."

Yiska: "I pull my gun."
Tyger: "Now that is creepy."

Hemelshot: "Bug out into Victoria's Secret!"

Ross (the GM): "(The Wolfspiders) are moving with the slow gentleness of a battle tank."

Yiska: "You certain we couldn't bring a flamethrower with us?"

Mike looks at the map after the figures representing the party are put out: "Great, one grenade will get us all."

Yar: "Why does Jama have a bottle of mouthwash?"

(After a comment about 'scary dice'): "Hey! It's the Dice Girls! Scary Dice, Spookey Dice, and Yiska is Psychic Dice!"

GM: "The house looks untouched."
Steve: "We'll fix the untouched part."

Yisa to Hemelshot: "You never had fun as a kid, did you?"

Steve as Tyger blows his EGO Roll to walk down a wall from the ceiling: "No one makes their first jump."

Josh: "Tyger is a psychological scar!"

Jama's thought process: Rio + Beaches = Bikinis!

"My badge is bigger than your badge."

"Serpents on a Sub-Orbital"
(followed by...)
"And now, the savage beating of a game master"
"Sharks on a Roller Coaster!"

"Oh, I see, my power is only useful when you can use it"

Yar: "Hemelshot's getting ulcers and he doesn't know why."

Yar: "So, at the hospital..."
Ross (GM): "The hospital?"
Yar: "I'm jumping ahead, aren't I?"

Mike: "They're whipping up on us with Harry Potter spells!"

"Make his head explode"

"[Jama] needs a vacation to recover from her vacation."

Nestor: "We need a trip home, to Indonesia."
Mike: "Hopefully it's not accompanying [Jama's] coffin."

"Presence Attacking a statue... and succeeding!"

Tyger: "Who ordered the Star Destroyer?"

Mike (GM): "You're getting down? Give me a PS: Funk roll."

"Want their penis size?"—GM to Tyger, who rolled a 3 on his PER roll.

"They must've got those grenades from the lowest bidder."—GM, when grenades failed to injure Hemelshot.

"He IS LAPD!"—GM to Tyger, after Tyger threatens to kill a perp.

"Clade Season!"

Hemelshot: "Karouk, you said he was down for the count."
Yiska Karouk: "He kept counting!"

Mike (GM): "You see two unconscious men on the ground in front of you."
Hemeslshot (OOC): "I get out my condoms."

"They're wearing Asian dresses, that means they're short."

Tyger: "I don't want porn."
Hemelshot (in response to Tyger): "Pod person!"

"Remind me to order one size larger underwear."

"The esper formally known as Yiska."

"Skeleton fight in a porn movie. Talk about giving someone a boner."

Jenna J Jamieson—editor of an X-rated paper, no doubt.

GM: "Do you want to push?"
Yiska: "Well, I only use this in a life and death situation."
Mike (OOC): "What do you think this is!?!"

Yar: "Is this (sword) a Common Melee Weapon?"
GM: "Yes!"
Yar: "YES!"

Yiska: "Carpenter's down, Hemelshot's got the sword, Tyger's been grabbed... everything's gone to snuff."

Mike fires off a 12d6 EB at the enemy: 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 5, 5, 4, 3, 2, 2.
That's 57 STUN, 18 BODY!

GM: **describes the unpleasant, foggy, crime-ridden neighborhood the PCs are in**
Nestor (OOC): Great, all we need now is Jack the Ripper.
Mike (OOC): Shut the [hell] up!
GM: What did [Nestor] say?
Nestor: What? And give the GM ideas?
Mike: Give me an experience point and I'll tell you.

Steve (OOC to Carpenter the paladin): You're a man of God and you don't have detect lie? Good people lie."

"He's going to shoot at [the target] and if he misses call it suppression fire."

Josh: "[Tyger has] Breakfall. Will that help?"
GM: "If you screw up."
Nestor: "Clean up on Aisle 4!"

Yar: "Draw your stunstick."
Josh: "I didn't bring it with me."
Yar: "..."

Yiska: "The NRA built Phi Sector."

Steve (OOC): "...'cause in the future parents are really uncreative!"

Hemelshot: "Welcome to the [police] service. Carry your ****ing stunstick."

Marcie to Tyger: "They gave you a full pardon for shooting me?"

"Social Limitation: Foot in mouth."

"Never miss your CON Roll by two again."

"The stern."

"Damn man, [John] can't handle his cookies."

"Cute and playful kittens really spoil the mood in horror games."
(said about the new kitten gamboling about our feet)

GM: "No, you don't have Affects Desolid."
Yiska: "I am deeply saddened."

"Talk to the sword. Mommy needs a new handbag."

"Yiska makes an Entity's head 'splode."

"Instead of the Anarchist Cookbook, we have the Hemelshot cookbook."

GM: "What police force issues flame-throwers?"
Steve: "One that fights demons!"

A clade (artificial human/animal cross) picks up Carpenter's bag containing his holy sword.
Iapetus the Clade: "Heavy bag."
Carpenter: "It's full of mercy."

Hemelshot: "I'd really like to kill you... but you might be right."

Jamadigni Renuka places a blood curse on a man responsible for the deaths of 26,400 clades:
"May you live in interesting times. May your deeds bring you to the attention of people in power. May your name be remembered through the ages."

Jamadigni Renuka: "I don't speak to the dead."
Nathan Carpenter: "The dead may speak to you."

Steve about his character Yiska: "[Yiska] can Mindscan for [the enemy]"
Michael mimes holding up a sign reading: "Mindscan is a two-way street!"

Sgt. Hemelshot to Tyger: "Make this gun unhappy."

Carpenter: "I open the door."
GM: "The door aborts to a dodge."

Tyger: "Way to shoot first and ask questions later Sarge. That's my schtick!"

Hemelshot about the man he just shot: "Criminal Mastermind!"
Tyger: "Space Shuttle!"

Hemelshot about nearly shooting a hole in the space shuttle: "It's not my fault."
Mike & Nestor (OOC): "It didn't work for Han, it didn't work for Lando, and it's not going to work for you!"

Carpenter: "Sergeant? There's a small matter of why your brain's missing."

Masada: "God has given me the power."
Carpenter: "You are not with God."

"Wow, Hemelshot just got Presence Attacked by his own daughter."

Question to the GM: "How many points of resistant defense does my dress uniform give me?"

GM: "Considering the crap these guys go through a few unaddressed headshots are okay."
Nestor: "Does this mean we have a quota?"

Some Out-of-game comments:
CHINO—Communist Heathen In Name Only

The Reverse Defenestrator—He throws windows through people.

Jama after her interview with a lecherous Internal Affairs officer: "I'd have liked that better if I'd felt like my clothes were on when he was talking to me."
Brogan: "Were they?"
Jama: "Not in his eyes."

GM: "Hemelshot, Phase 12, you've just wrecked your car."

Michael: "Oh heck, this is anime. Jama's magic circle is going to draw itself."
GM: "You get a +1 to your Magic Skill roll for that."

Brogan rolls a 17 for his research: "His name is Jonah Hart, millionaire. He owns a mansion and a yacht."

Brogan (later to the vehicle pool clerk who's complaining how the Squad destroys vehicles): "Can't spell 'requisition' without 'req' ["wreck"]."

Lt. Hemelshot, in charge of 9th Squad and played by Yar, is away and two of his officers, Carpenter and Brogan, are facing down an officious Internal Affairs officer, brazenly challenging his authority.

Yar (OOC): I'm getting that feeling again, aren't I?
Nestor (OOC): You mean as if thousands of regulations suddenly cried out in terror and were silenced?
Yar: Yeah.

Mike (OOC): "They call it "Shadows 'Collateral Damage' Angelus" for a reason."

Grady: "I Abort to defecate."

Jamadigni Renuka, animist sorceress is at -4 BODY and will die if she gets to -8. Recent events have shown us that our boss, the Director of XSWAT, is the spirit of California in human form. Jama can call upon spirits to do her bidding. So she goes --

"Alice Cadbury, Spirit of California, Protector of Angelus
One of your chosen lies dying."
Please lend some of your power,
If you have any to give.
So I might live to defend Angelus another day."

Her VPP is 50 points, or 5d6 of Healing. The GM let me roll 8d6. He also declared I could buy my VPP up to 60 points once the session was over. On the other hand, he also told us this meant the monsters trying to take over Angelus are now that much closer to breaking through....

Nestor (OOC): Hemelshot records himself going to the bathroom.
Mike (OOC): In case there's a misfire?

There's a new crime in Angelus: "Driving While Fuzzy."

Brogan fails an EGO Roll: "There is no Brogan, there is only Gurzarath!"

Our heroes escape the horror of Omega Sector: "I count twenty wolf-spiders, some in the streets, some on the buildings." (Done in Michael's best Gold Five impersonation.)

Tyger: "I'm sure [Marcie] has a perfectly reasonable explanation for this."
Steve (OOC): "She's a woman...."

Jama's kris has a tendency to rattle in its sheath whenever danger threatens. Resulting in: "She set her kris to 'vibrate.'"

Comments on how bad the situation seems:
"Like streaks on the diapers of demons."

"Skidmarks on Satan's underwear."

The religious Order of Enoch has been entering mecha pilots into a local combat arena for training:
"It's Battlepope and the Electric Nun!"

Jama: "Hart has none and Davis's tongue is forked. A man of stone and a man of lies are leading us."
Hemelshot: "They're politicians. Tell me something that I don't know."

Michael suddenly does 2+2=5 and figures out an important plot point: "oh sh*t."
(This also caused the game to close about an hour early due to us jumping ahead in the plot a fair bit.)

Hemelshot to Brogan: "How'd you like to cause a disturbance in Internal Affairs? I know nothing about it."

"Tonight we pun in Hell!"

Grady (OOC to Tyger): "That's all we need, your fuzzy-covered ass in here."

Steve (OOC): This will be a Will Smith 8- Persuasion roll."

Lt. Hemelshot to his unconscious brother: "Hey Charles, thanks for coming by."

Mike comments on the game: "We've gone from Silent Möbius to Silent Hill."

Grady on his character's performance: "I was doing real good until I burst into flames."

Yar to Grady: "Shut up and smolder."

Yar gives advice on how to roll a three: "Roll one die. It its a one, keep rolling."

Steve: "First, Yiska gets a clue roll." *rolls* "Yiska gets a clue!"

Lt. Hemelshot: "Our lives depend on how well Tyger can lie...."

GM: "The Yakuza are legitimate businessmen."
Mike: Yeah, they all run noodle shops."

Grady: "How do you stealth a whole police precinct?"
Yar: "Schwarzenegger did it in The Terminator."
Grady: "He shot everyone in the building!"
Yar: "And no one saw him leave!"

Mike's title for Session 22:
"Save the Spirit of California, save the world."

*Almost immediately after Tyger made a standard call for backup (high-powered ESPer causing problems, fires and random destruction made such a call necessary), flaming rocks suddenly fall from the sky like in Firestarter*
Tyger: "Alright, who ordered the Armageddon on a silver platter?"

Situation: Hemelshot is inside screaming in horror, Brogan was ordered outside with the others, Tyger, Yiska and Jama are preparing to do something.
Jama: *sort of uncertain tone of voice* "I... I can try to put the flames out. You think I should try that?"
Everyone else: "You're the highest ranking one out here! You tell us!"
Mike: *takes off glasses and massages the bridge of his nose*

I like this one, mostly because of the expression Yar had on his face when he asked it:
GM: "Alright, you now have the doll in one hand and the girl in the other."
Yar: *nods* "Good..." *gets a sort of confused look and looks to Mike and Steve* "Ummm... now what?"
He had that sort of look that a dog would have after catching a car "Great! I've finally caught it! Now what do I do with it?"

The city is under attack by the Order of Enoch, time is running out, and XSWAT has been disbanded. The 9th Squad (the PCs) have been declared enemies of the State. Things don't look good....

Yar (OOC): "Can I hit him on the head to make him forget some [thing] and free up an experience point?"

Grady on Star Wars D20: "Level Ups, Bonus Feats, Stat Boosts... a Jedi cares not for these things."

Yar on what to do: "Let's not roll any dice and risk any critical failures."

"Psionic Pimp"

Yiska shows up with a sweet ride.
Yar: "[I see] You've got a sugar mommy."

GM: "You need to make your Combat Driving by six."
Yar: "Can I take extra time?"

Brogan on the invasion force: "There's six of us and he brought five ships. We've got him outnumbered."

Suggestion for Yiska's t-shirt: "Enemies don't know about my esper group mind."

GM: "Do you have Persuasion?"
Steve: "I have four unspent experience points."

Yiska to the espers: "Masada thinks your only fodder for the cannons."

Yiska to Carpenter: "Worse case scenario... [The nuke goes off and...] We don't have to lie about Omega Sector anymore."

Ross: "That's the evilest German fairy I've seen."
Mike: "Uwe Boll doesn't count?"

Jama summons the spirit of the city of Angelus itself to defend the city against the attacking Enochians:

Angelus, City of the Future, Eighth Wonder of the World, you hold the promise of what mankind is meant to be.
Now you are beset by foes who will rend you, warp you, shape you from a dream into a nightmare.
This I will not allow.
Rise up, Angelus! Resist! Assert yourself!
Join me, lend me your power, so we may show all your glory and might!
Stand strong Angelus, and together we will drive these enemies from your walls.

Jama's control of the summoned "Digital Angel" is contested by another, leading to....

GM: "This will require a sorcery versus sorcery Skill Roll. What do you have?"
Mike: "20-"
GM: "I made it by 9."
Mike *rolls dice*: "Oh, yeah? I made it by 14."

GM: "You see the Blue Steel Special falling off of a building."
Yar: "Can I Dive For Cover to catch it?"
GM: "No!"

GM: "[Jama] you feel something moving under [Brogan's] arm."
Brogan: "That arm's artificial."
GM: "I know."
Brogan: "Oh, f**k!"

Yiska in Hemelshot's spinner: "We've lived through this before, we've lived through this before...."

Steve: "Wildlife stops being interesting once you've rummaged around in its innards."

Repeated several times in references to tactical needs: "Shooters here and shooters here."

Brogan: "I want one of those Entity girlfriends."
Nestor (OOC): "Yeah, no gag reflex."

Tyger: "[I'm] engaging the Zero System."
GM: "Oh, really?"
Tyger: "And next...."
GM: "No... First...."

"Save the sorceress, save the world."

Steve on Yar: "He's a power-armor judo-flip guy."

GM: "Omega Sector has no effect on Brogan."
Brogan: "Yes it does, but he enjoys it."

GM: "The presence of a nuclear device adds +3d6 to your Presence Attack."

Yiska: "I'm keeping Masada and his pants down."

Ross: "Grady? When I think about you, I Stun myself."

Grady: "Get this man a thesaurus, quick."

Grady: "I got 44 shots left... bring it."

"Pulling up in a [commandeered] pimpmobile was pretty awesome."

"It's not important in how you [defeat] a mook."

An injured and unconscious Jama wakes up in Nathan Carpenter's arms after the Paladin has used his power to heal her.

Jama *kisses Carpenter*: "I love you."
Carpenter: "I know."

This was it. The fate of the world hung in the hands of 6 officers of Angelus XSWAT. Omega Sector has cracked open, and evil was pouring out as horde of utterly unknowable monsters led by what can only be described by a 200' tall walking Barad-dur.

Jamadigni Renuka: "[The spell] requires the sacrifice of a living sentient being."
Lt. Hemelshot: "Do we have enough time for that?"

(A player's cats invade the game area. One takes up residence in the GM's dice corral.)

"I'm in your dice corral, being all cute."

"You [the cat] can't be cute when I'm describing armageddon!"

Yiska Karouk christens Hemelshot's spinner: "[This one is] the last one you will ever crash."

Steve (OOC): "Use my preferred method—ask the GM and do what he says."

GM describing a crashing spinner: "Ping, thud."

Yiska about Brogan the cyborg: "As a cold-blooded machine, I'd expect that out of him."

Jama casts The Spirits Of The Silver Screen, a spell that taps into the collective mythology of Hollywood and the film industry in general. The incantations go like this:

I, Jamadigni Renuka, call upon the Spirits of Hollywood
Hear me, legends of the silver screen, and lend me some of your symbolic power
Schwarzenegger and Stallone, lend me your Strength
Chan and Lee, lend me your Speed
Wayne and Willis, lend me your Stamina
Connery and Yun-Fat lend me your Sophistication
I, Jamadigni Renuka, do call and command.

Those near her saw her uniform become brighter and more 'color corrected' and heard a voice call "and... action!" There was also the faint smell of popcorn and a strange whirring noise no one could identity.

Jama (under the effect of Spirits Of The Silver Screen to a collection of security guards: "Move out of the way, or there will be... trouble."

GM to Yiska: "I don't mean to hit your psych lims with a hammer, but: AAAaaahhh!!!" (the sound of two men falling off of a 100+ story building).

Mike: "They fall every segment."
Grady: "They accelerate every segment too."

GM: "Give me a damage die roll on your TK."
Grady: "Don't roll the yellow ones."

Grady to Mike when Mike asked how Jama ended up on point: "When everyone else takes knockback, you're automatically on point."

Carpenter: "We're here to save the city, and the world. You can either help, or get out of the way."

Hart: "What can we do?"
Cadbury: "You can get out of my office."

Mike trying to decide how to save the world: "Option B allows for a sequel."

Mike on saving the world: "Jama is going to make the seal. You can all fight over the head of Vecna later."

Josh (OOC): "I just had a thought."
Mike (OOC): "Quick have another so it won't be lonely."

Mike's montage for the attacking Entities: "NOM NOM NOM!!!"

"Can I get a stealth roll for my 20' tall mecha?"

GM: "You'll be pulling a berserk power armor towards your own people."

GM: "You manage the crazy people off the bridge and into the city."

Nestor: "Let me get this straight.... Bridge, us, Gurzorath, HQ."
GM: "Yes."
Nestor: "F**k."

Hemelshot: "9th Squad! HOLD THE LINE!"
Mike (OOC): "Said from a stretcher!"

Jama needs to power the seal she's created to shut down the gate between this world and another. She calls upon the Earth itself to do it.

Gaia, spirit of the Earth, mother of all life,
I call upon you and ask you to awaken.
Your land, air, water, and children are threatened by
enemies who will devour and despoil all before them.
Awaken mother of all nature, and bring forth
the full force of your wrath and fury.
Lend me your power, so I, Jamadigni Renuka
one of your daughters, can act in your stead,
and sweep our enemies before us
and wash you free of their stain!

Jama on how she completed the spell: "I gave it the newest thing I had; my next breath."

Grady's comment on the havoc the 9th Squad wrecked on the enemy: "There's the Entity penalty box over there."

Last line of Episode 23—"The wedding's off."

Session 24 of Shadows Angelus.

We had defeated the monstrous extra-dimensional being known as Gurzorath. 800,000 dead, millions more wounded and insane. The PCs spent weeks helping to organize rebuilding, recovery, and restoration. But all good things must come to an end. The final session covered roughly two years of time, and saw the 9th Squad break up. Saw one PC get married and another go to jail.

The final tally:

Jamadigni Renuka: [new] Director of XSWAT
Nathan Carpenter: Knight of the Order of Enoch
Malachi Brogan: Commander of the "XSWAT Entity Busters"
Tyger: XSWAT Armor pilot (and works with Brogan)
Yiska Karouk: Councilman for Psi Sector and founder of the Institute of Tomorrow
Richard Hemelshot: Goes to prison for the assassination of Councilor Roger Davies. Then becomes a civilian combat instructor for XSWAT.

And now for the quotes:

"Join XSWAT—kill the Entities with your mind!"

"Do I have to wear my dress uniform?"
Well... what do you want to wear?"

"Duct tape."

Brogan the emo Terminator

"Three points gets you a 19- on any PRE-based Skill. F**k you."

"You can't tell me you "accidentally" killed the guy and then summoned the demon."

"So... how many experience points do I get for [setting up] whole new campaigns?"

Hemelshot: "In areas of Renuka's experience... I'll follow her to the gates of Hell and beyond."

Brogan's new nickanme for XSWAT Director Jamadigni Renuka: "Mama Jama."

"You've been boffing his spirital sister."

Brogan [on his cyborg body]: "There's no metal here."

"[Yiska,] You have a real problem with technology."

"Yeah, it's written on his character sheet."

"Yiska has a COM of butt-ugly."

"What's [Yiska's] COM?"



A cat sits on Nestor's laptop: "I'm on your laptop, looking for mice."

We find the remnants of a shattered egg at the center of Omega Sector.
"What hatched?"


Hemelshot confesses to the assassination of Counciler Davies.
"The city can do without me."


"There is a bright future for Angelus. Those who strayed from the path won't see it. I knowingly strayed."

Hemelshot is released from prison.

Hemelshot: "I can look myself in the mirror now."
Carpenter: "Welcome home."

Yar on the romance of Tyger and Marcie: "The courtship started in gunfire, let's not have it end that way."

The motto of the Institute of Tomorrow Academy: "One iota can make a difference."

Angelus, two years after the PC defeated Gurzortah: "[Angelus is] built on freedom, cemented in faith, steering towards a brighter future for all."

Last in-character line from the campaign --

Yiska Karouk, when asked if he would stay with XSWAT: "I'm done with combat."