//This is a breaking news special report//

A bar along the bottom of the screen indicated that all the major networks were carrying the story... the scene was the inside of the Angelus City Council chamber, the main focus placed upon the Coordinator's chair.

Hart looked out into the camera with a face carved from stone. His eyes were flinty, his face seemingly formed of beaten iron and then painted with the colors of flesh and blood. Below his face, the subtitle read: "Coordinator Hart Speaks."

"Our city is in pain." He began, the podium in his large, blunt-fingered hands. "We have weathered an invasion from foreign shores, a terrorist attack against our public and civilian agencies, and organized insurrection by agents of enemy powers."

He took a deep breath. "Angelus. Will. Survive." His eyes swept the listening audience. "We will rebuild. I have already placed all the public services on emergency status. We are operating at full capacity, 24/7, to maintain public order and to rescue any who require our assistance. If you are injured, if you are sick, we will find you. I urge all citizens of Angelus to remain indoors and stay calm."

"I have appointed Councilman Roger Davies under the authority of martial law to the post of Special Administrator. Councilman Davies will be taking charge of restoring order to the city while the rest of my cabinet and I will focus on repairing the damage done to our infrastructure and organizing the rescue and rebuilding efforts."

"Rho sector and Phi sector are considered off-limits and no-go zones for all citizens of Angelus. The city cannot guarantee anyone's safety within those sectors, and we urge all good citizens to leave those sectors at once."

Hart frowned, his eyes narrowed, leaning forward on the podium like a predator scenting fear. "As of midnight last night, XSWAT has been officially disbanded by the government of Angelus. All officers are directed to report to their local Internal Affairs branch for equipment turn in and reassignment. XSWAT has done its job well, but the city needs more than a special police force in this time of emergency. Director Alice Cadbury has served the city well, and we wish her the best in her new career."

"To fill the role of protection and service, we have created a new government agency—Sentinel Watch. Sentinel squads are responsible for restoring order and putting down the riots that wrack our habitation blocks. Sentinels will patrol for any rogue elements of the recent invasion. Sentinels will be on guard both within and without each sector to provide safety and security for our citizens. If you wish to volunteer to join the Sentinel Watch, report to your local organization center found in each sector library and any civil fire station."

//An interactive datanet link was imbedded at this point in the feed, offering more information on how to join the Sentinel Watch//

"As of this moment, all mercenary contracts within the city are canceled. Any chartered mercenary group is directed to report to the nearest sector civil center to address any grievances. Mercenary companies with a good record will be accepted into the Sentinel Watch."

"There are two major threats to the city still at large." Hart relaxed slightly, straightening, one hand moving to his tie to smooth it out.

"The first threat is one that has plagued our city for some time. I speak, of course, of the esper population. We are pursuing a diplomatic solution at this time. After all, espers are still citizens of the city, and as such, they deserve a chance to explain themselves and possibly to atone for their role in the current unstable situation. I hereby give this pledge—any esper will receive fair treatment and an all-expenses-paid ticket to the mainland upon request. I urge the citizens of Phi sector to consider the damage already done, and to work with the city council to bring a lasting peace and a brighter future for all of us."

"The second threat is far more dangerous and insidious. We have long suspected that foreign powers have been involved in the active and deliberate sabotage of city functions. For instance, the dirty neutron bomb that devastated Kappa sector—should we consider that an isolated incident? No." He shook his head. "It is merely one in a series of schemes orchestrated by foreign governments in an attempt to bring our city to its knees. We regret to inform you that these enemy agitators, these terrorists, are in fact bought and paid for by our enemies and include citizens from all strata of our society. Many bankers, executives, and city officials have been implicated in these attacks. Of particular note are the former XSWAT officers who have turned against the city and are promulgating lies and propaganda, taking advantage of the confusion of the invasion... these men and women are merely pawns in a struggle for control."

//The band at the bottom of the screen grew larger, containing more embedded hyperlinks to the datanet along with a list of names and pictures. Nathan Carpenter. Jamadigni Renuka. Alexander Richards. Alec Lafitte. Tyger (Renegade Clade) Malachi Brogan. Paul Santorino. Robert Allan Hanler. Richard Hemelshot. The names went on and on, containing more than three hundred separate identities.//

Hart's fist slapped the top of the podium. "We shall not let them succeed. Angelus. Will. Prevail. The strength of our citizens is well-known... the courage of our people is world-famous... the loyalty and dedication of our city is legendary! I ask all those who are loyal to the vision of Angelus to support us in our time of need. Support the Sentinel Watch, who will find these miscreants and bring them to justice. Support our city council, who will rebuild what the terrorists have destroyed. Support our initiatives to restore Angelus to its rightful place as the preeminent city of all the world! Thank you."