The newsfeed datalink continually runs through the net 24/7 in Angelus. At various times throughout the week, the top stories circulate on the various screens or personal computers across the city.

On screen, a man and a woman sat next to a floating hologram of the station's prominent logo. Both look prim, proper, and marketing-sanctioned.

"...and it looks like preparations for the Christmas parade are nearly complete. Isn't that great news?" The woman finished up, turning to her partner on the air.

"That's right Nina." There was a pause while he grinned with perfect white teeth at the camera.

"Later in the program, our entertainment guru Richard Laroquette will tell us all about the impending arrival of Holodrama star Paula Westinghouse. It's not every day that such a hot celebrity forsakes New Hollywood to move to Angelus, and we've got an exclusive story to find out all the details."

"Thank you, Jim." Nina took over as the camera focused on her face as she assumed a more solemn mien. "In other news, meteorologists are tracking signs of a massive ocean storm that may cause some trouble for local shipping scheduled for the new year. Although the experts believe the storm will pass several miles east of Angelus, they are also predicting the storm's intensity will reach previously-unheard-of levels. Time to stock up on those water-repellent cloaks!"

"That's right, Nina!" Jim interrupted, once again flashing his pearly whites. "I've got two at home."

Nina coughed delicately to regain the main attention of the cameras. "Lastly, there are reports that Coordinator Hart is considering declaring martial law in the city if conditions with the rioting continue to worsen. City officials have been quick to point out that this measure is only an option and has no immediate plans of being implemented. Meanwhile, the city's police force continues its struggle to maintain law and order in many of the city's poorer districts. Reports are scattered concerning the causes of these outbursts of civil violence. Some experts claim that clade mobs are orchestrating an organized uprising across the city while others blame esper members of the underground Masterminds organization. Station 23 will keep you informed as the situation develops."

"That's right, Nina!"