In a bright city of the future...

An aerial view of Angelus, the city lights shining like jewels on the black velvet of the ocean.

The shadows are darker...

An alley split diagonally by light and dark, framing a pair of luminescent yellow-green eyes peering out.

The horror is sharper...

A building wall splashed with bright-red liquid to the sound of tearing claws and terrible screaming.

And the creatures from our nightmares are all too real.

The outline of a misshapen form rising over the grisly scene, its claws dripping fluids.

A small band of men and women, gifted with powers and abilities that set them apart from the rest of humanity, stand ready to fight against the otherworldly evil which threatens our very existence.

A set of quick scenes introducing the team members:

Hemelshot swinging a C-90 around and firing off an actinic-bright shot.

Carpenter wielding his sword two-handed striking down with an overhand blow.

Jama scything her arms out with a cutting motion, unleashing her Scissors spell.

Yiska gesturing out, a powerful psychokinetic blast spreading out from his outstretched hand and tearing up the sidewalk as it travels towards its target.

The Blue Steel Special in ready stance, weapons firing, as the camera zooms in and through the armor to show Tyger at the controls, sporting a s**t-eating grin.

They are the true thin blue line, unheralded defenders of mankind in a never-ending battle against the...

Shadows of Angelus

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