House Rules for Shadows Angelus II

1. Every 20 STUN from a single attack (after defenses) = 1 BODY of additional damage.

Comments: We did this last time, seems to work well, represents the debilitating effects of powerful blows.

2. When unconscious, a PC may make a roll at -1 per 5 points of Stun below 0 on his phase to try and make a recovery. Every failed roll adds +1 to the next opportunity.

Comments: Again, we did this last time, works fine for me, seems to be functioning well in Yar's game as well.

3. A roll of an 18 is a critical fumble. Something unusually bad will happen. A roll of a 3 is a critical success. Something unusually good will happen. In combat, a 3 on the attack roll indicates that the attack will do the maximum amount of damage possible.

Comments: Same as last time. I'm tempted to up the 'grittiness and action' level by extending critical hits in combat from 3 to 3 and 4. Thoughts?

4. No STUN Lottery, 3 is the standard multiplier for killing attacks.

Comments: Reduces die rolling and speeds up combat, I am still in favor of this.

5. No Hit locations are in use, all attacks are assumed to target location 11.

Comments: Still not interested in having PC's wear helmets. :) Although, one possible workaround that I am not entirely keen on would be to re-instate hit locations but count all head locations as location 11.

6. Knockback and superheroic Endurance + damage addition are in effect.

Comments: Same as last time, though hopefully clearer if we start with this in black and white.

Any other house rules I've forgotten? I think those are all the major ones. Otherwise I plan on going by RAW.