1. Her former Lace & Steel trainers/coaches/handlers: These are the people who brought Chrysine up (so to speak) since her decanting. For all intents and purposes they were her parents for the (5?) years she was in Lace & Steel. Aside from seeing to her upbringing, they also taught her how to fight, looked after when she was injured, chaperoned her at official functions, and kept an eye on her at all times. Current, at least one of them is dead, killed by the Yakuza in retaliation for Chrysine's not taking a fall in a match. Her relationship with these people varied, depending on the individual and how they treated her.
  2. Her old barracks mates: These are the various other clades (and humans) who were part of her former stable. They tended to keep together, training, eating, sleeping, and so on, as a group. As they were all in the same stable, they only fought each other in practice, unless someone was traded for some reason. Chrysine fought in team matches from time to time (in which stables fight stables), and saw some of her barracks mates die in the arena.
  3. Sergeant Montizano: Her commanding office from her first XSWAT assignment. She wasn't happy to be removed from his squad, and trusts Montizano a great deal, as he provided her with moral support and a sense of direction in her life. He, in turn, considered her one of his most valued officers, despite her inexperience, and had submitted a commendation recommendation before her transfer. Montizano wasn't happy to see Chrysine transferred and will tell Mitch as such if given the chance.
  4. Someone at the Untervasser: Although most people at the Untervasser shun Chrysine (for several reasons—with being XSWAT high on the list), she does have one friend. He might be a handyman or janitor, but she's found him to be someone she can talk to from time to time. He's a clade (of course) and might be her secret lover.

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