In the ICU, Mitch took clasped the Old Man's remaining hand in both of his, and knelt down close to his side. He spoke very softly, barely above a whisper, mindful that only a privacy screen stood between him and the Crash team.

"Dad... I wanted to tell you sooner. I'm back in the field again. XSWAT's going up against the Yaks all the way this time. I'm leading the new Epsilon Crash Team. We're not stopping until Ryuzo's out of the picture...." He paused to let that sink in, and Malachi gave both of them a grave look. Mitch and Jama both nodded.

"There's more, and you're the only one who's to know. Everyone thinks we're getting divorced, including the Yaks. We figure it's safer for everyone concerned if they believe that."

Malachi smirked at the two of them as Mitch stood up and put one arm around and Jama's waist. Loud enough for the waiting room to hear, he said. "You kids are both crazy. Soon as I'm feeling better I oughta knock some sense into the both of you. Heck with it—you wanna get divorced, I can't stop you."

Mitch mouthed a silent 'thank you' to his father, then turned and put both arms around Jama, whispered softly into her ear. "Jama... I'm beginning to understand what this... ordeal... will do to our marriage. So much happened tonight that I should share with you, but we have to go our separate ways. We're growing apart so quickly...."

Any further words were cut off as Jama pressed her lips to his. Raising herself up on the tips of her boots, she slid her hands up Mitch's back and seemed to try and pull him down to her level. Finally she stepped back, took a breath and then whispered in return, "You can tell me about it once this is over."

He nodded and tried not to think of Kobiyashi's warning. "I will... I promise. Now, so you know... Gaines may be trouble. He's got his own ideas for the Crash team, and I can't fight him and the Yaks. He had me working this case during off-hours. I'm not asking you to intervene... yet. I'll see if I can deal with him."

Jama nodded. "Do what you can. I..." She stepped back and hugged herself. "I should go."