Voiceover: "Once upon a time..."

Cue: Theme music.

Scene: The city of Angelus, shrouded in fog, neon lights blinking, a spinner zooming through the choked skyline.

VO: "There were four beautiful young girls..."

Screenshot: Four silhouettes, all obviously female. One is in a karate pose, one is holding a maser, one has clawed fingers, and the other is holding a stylized flame.

Scene: Chrysine, Diedre, Lorraine, and Elizabeth walking towards the camera, smiling, all wearing casual clothing. The girls appear to be out shopping in some mercantile district.

VO: "They each graduated from the XSWAT Academy..."

Scene 1: Chrysine throws the unarmed fighting instructor to the mat. She and the instructor and the watching cadets are all wearing grey sweats with XSWAT on the front. The look on Chrysine's face is cold and precise.

Scene 2: Lorraine sits at a computer terminal, keying in data onto a form. Her expression is terminally bored.

Scene 3: Elizabeth is dressed in full riot gear, including facemask (OMG a helmet!) and riot shield, getting pummeled by several other officers with pugil sticks. She seems to be mostly amused and is holding her ground easily.

Scene 4: Diedre, wearing shooting glasses and high-tech earphones, is firing a maser at the range, seemingly right into the camera. Her grin is somewhat crazed-looking.

VO: "...and were soon assigned very hazardous duties."

Scene 1: Chrysine stands at a crosswalk, holding up a holographic STOP sign as a gaggle of private-school-uniformed kids (around 8-9) play and lollygag around her legs. The Clade looks perplexed.

Scene 2: Lorraine has on a headset and is seated before another computer terminal, but this time it appears she is taking 911 calls. Her expression has gone from bored to outright disgusted.

Scene 3: Elizabeth is writing a parking ticket and slaps it onto a car's windshield. She glances at her watch and shakes her head, apparently snarling.

Scene 4: Diedre is sitting in front of a computer, typing furiously. She grins and leans back, triumphant - just as another set of datapads are plopped down on her desk. The smile turns upside-down.

VO: "But I took them away from all that..."

Cue: Theme music swells.

Screenshot: The karate girl silhouette turns into Chrysine, wielding her bandit camp sword and kicking in the door to what looks like a Yakuza gambling operation.

Screenshot: The flame girl silhouette turns into Lorraine, flashing her badge to a bunch of Ghost Faces and shaking her head sternly.

Screenshot: The clawed girl silhouette turns into Elizabeth, stepping out in front of a fleeing suspect, obviously mouthing the words, "Freeze, Asshole."

Screenshot: The maser girl silhouette turns into Diedre, coming up to a mugger (holding an old woman's purse), and kicking him in the unmentionables.

Screenshot: A previously-unseen male silhouette (A guy with glasses) turns into Nicodemus, calmly turning pages at the library while something with tentacles is crawling nearby.

VO: "Now, they work for me. My Charlie."

Scene 1: All four girls are dressed up like Glen Miller beer servers. All four look vaguely uncomfortable.

Scene 2: All four girls are at some kind of fashion shoot, mugging for the camera. The cameraman is none other than Nicodemus.

Scene 3: A boat at the marina, door is facing the camera. Mitch steps out from the door and waves, then the camera shifts to beach to display all four girls in bikinis. Nicodemus is under a beach umbrella, reading.

Scene 4: Mitch is driving a spinner, looking very fiercely determined.

Scene 5: Nicodemus says a word of power and gestures dramatically.

Scene 6: Lorraine causes fire to run up her arms.

Scene 7: Elizabeth smiles wickedly as her eyes turn black.

Scene 8: Diedre makes a rude gesture that is pixelated out.

Scene 9: Everything explodes.

Cue: Theme music ends.