The Cast:

Chrysine—Human/Fox Clade, designed for Lace & Steel arena combat
Diedre Thornhallow—British ex-monster hunter, ex-Order of Enoch, possible holy warrior
Elizabeth Yasha—Daughter of Paladin Nathan Carpenter (now deceased), Human/Entity mix
Lorraine Hemelshot—Daughter of Richard Hemelshot, pyrokinetic
Mitch Brogan—Son of Malachi Brogan, Husband of XSWAT Director Jamadigni Renuka (soon to be divorced), vehicle specalist
Nicodemus Tsanthos—15,000 year-old man, survivor of Atlantis, knows everything

The Quotes:

Mitch (OOC): "He [the GM] technically let me save your ass."
Diedre (OOC): "He technically would like the game to go on."

Chrysine (OOC): "Is it bad if an XSWAT officer calls 911?"

Elizabeth (on trying to catch falling people): "I'm running out of arms, Mitch!"

Chrysine (OOC) on why Nicodemus keeps failing PER Rolls: "It's a lot easier back in the lab."

GM on the inane chatter of an NPC: "The guy at the motorpool doesn't know anything about spinners. Hello! [indicates Elizabeth] She's pretty!"

Lorraine (OOC): "I knew I was giving him a plot hook, not a harpoon."

Elizabeth: "*sigh* Men are like parking spaces. All the good ones are taken, the rest are handicapped."

Lorraine (who played the team commander in SA I) (OOC): "Oh God, I love not being in charge."

Deidre has a plan on how to create a diversion: "Stealth, Sleight of Hand, and a match."
GM: *breaks out laughing*

Chrysine's player makes a not-so-serious comment on how we get from Point A to Point B: "Choo-choo! Get on the plot train!"

Deidre: *rattles off a bunch of Cockney slang*
Chrysine looks at Mitch: "Sir? Did you understand a single word of what she just said?"

Deidre explains her battle plan: "They'll at least consider shooting me."

Deidre explains her actions during a gun fight with the Yakuza: "They were shooting at me."
Lorraine: "You shot first!"
Deidre: "It's not my fault I'm faster than they are."

Lorraine melts a hole in the door of Nicodemus's luxury spinner to get out.
Mitch: "I'm telling your dad."

Nicodemus: "You're never using my car again."
Mitch *glances at Nico's burning car*: "No one's using your car again!"
Nicodemus: "You're not using my other car again!"

"Which cargo pod dropped?"
"Number two."
"Oh... who's that standing on it?"

Mitch: "I show him my badge and try to say 'CRASH team' with a straight face."

Lorraine: "Exits to the room?"
GM: "Just the one."
Chrysine (OOC): "We're in a Zork adventure!"

Chrysine: "Do you think I have a soul?"
Elizabeth: "The fact you're asking that question should be a clue to your answer."
Chrysine: "But, I'm not human."
Elizabeth: "Don't let that stop you."

Mitch opens the door to find Nicodemus lying on the floor using Simulate Death: "I was joking about the radiation, Nic."

Deidre (OOC) reacts to a burst of bad puns: "Poop jokes, please!"

It is agreed that Deidre's XSWAT-issue maser has the following three settings:

- Normal
- Creature
- Deep Fat Fry

Mitch: [Approaches Diedre about the use of excessive force. Before he can speak...]
Diedre: "Sir. If this is about the use of excessive force, you can shove it up your finely-sculpted damn ass."
Mitch: "... I-"
Diedre: "I don't want to hear it, Sir! You've got a people-eater and a house-burner! Why don't you yell at them?"
Mitch: "This isn't about them, it's about you."
Diedre: "Well, I don't want to talk about it."
Mitch: "You don't have to. You're going to listen."
Diedre: "I'm not listening then." [sips tea]
Mitch: "You can't go around shooting normal people with-"
Diedre: "Normal? These are the Gucci-Goos! They've always got an entity, some dark foul magic, cyborg, or something worse. They're shootin' cop-killing bullets, murdering innocents, and blowing up orphanages! Why do I need written permission to wipe my own ass now!?"
[Applause from audience in the hallway.]
Elizabeth: "Y'know, she has a point... You do have a finely-sculpted ass."
Lorraine: "Sis! Don't hit on the commanding officer. Even if he does have a finely-sculpted ass."
Nicodemus (to Chrysine): "Please don't say anything."
Chrysine: "I have never seen the Lieutenant unclothed and therefore cannot comment on the sculpting of his ass."
Nicodemus: "I swear, kids these days!"

Deidre's retort to Lieutenant Mitch Brogan over excessive force issues: "Next time I won't resurrect your father."

Mitch (OOC): There's a male in the kitchen, roll 3d6 Unluck."

Deidre to Elizabeth: "You have old people issues."

Mitch (OOC) when asked how fast he was responding to an emergency: "On a scale of one to ten, 7 inches of Running."

Lorraine (OOC): "He's a first Lieutenant, of course he has an 8- INT Roll."

Chrysine's OOC prediction, written down before the fight started: "We burn the house down."
It came true.

Mitch (OOC): "I step back." *moves his figure a hex, pauses, then moves it again* "I step back some more."

Mitch: "I follow regulations."
Deidre: "Which is why you're going to end up dead."

Deidre (OOC): Good thing I failed my EGO Roll and didn't attack the darkness."

Chrysine to Blood Serenade, a pair of ex-Lace & Steel fighters: "I am Chrysine, the Winter Fox. I fought in the arena for five years, and I will not be killed by the likes of you."

Diedre (OOC): "Anti-contortionist?"
Chrysine (OOC): "It's like an anti-paladin, but with limbo."

Chrysine: "Sir? Are we evacuating the building?"
Mitch: "We destroyed the building!"

Nicodemus on the burning orphanage: "This was not as planned."

Nicodemus to Mitch: "My madness is not debatable, I'm questioning yours."

Mitch on the firefight with the Yakuza: "None of my people were attacked by an Entity tonight."

Nicodemus: "Power unto a god."
Elizabeth: "I've had dates like that."

Mitch, "Nico, there are times when work with you is unpleasant and times it's extremely unpleasant."

Chrysine (OOC): Watching Mitch meltdown is truly educational."

Chrysine (OOC): "Can I pay money to not see you in a kilt?"

The GM announces a new zombie movie: "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Brain. He's the boy who didn't live."

Mitch Brogan after the Crash Team barely escapes from a huge gang of Halloweeners: "Okay, we'll file that under what not to do."

Mitch (OOC): "A woman wearing white gloves is looking for dirt!"

Chrysine gets a new nickname: "Tailgunner"

Officer Elizabeth Yasha is down 6 BODY, but still in uniform and still at the station.
GM (as an NPC officer): "Are you all right?"
Elizabeth: "It's okay, I just forgot the safe word."

Someone strings together several NPCs names to make a sentence: "Messenger from Cho, Gaines Hooker(s)."

Nicodemus: "No offense, sir, but every mission you've been on has literally blown up in your face."
Mitch: "I'm due for a win."

Diedre: "Okay, grandpa, keep your gums in line."

If "Thank God It's Friday" is TGIF, then "Sure Happy It's Thursday" is... uhm.... never mind.

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