The Simurgh from movie 1
Val		CHA	Cost	Notes
58		STR	3	75 tons		
22		BODY	3	
12.5x6.4	SIZE	45	70,000 kg
6		DEF	12
15		DEX	15
4		SPD	15	3, 6, 9, 12
Total Characteristics Cost:  93 

Movement:	Flight:  196"/6272" (2450 mph)

Abilities and Equipment
10	Cargo Space:  x 4 (+64 hexes)
402	Movement:  Flight:  196", x8 NCM
-12	Movement:  Running:  -6" (total 0")

	Medical Bay:

	Communications Equipment:

	Surveillance Equipment:

	Total Abilities and Equipment Cost
	Total Vehicle Cost

	Distinctive Features:
	Physical Limitation:

This enormous sky craft first appears in Side 4, where is is flown by Lebia. It also appears in Silent Möbius: the Movie I (where it is also being flown by Lebia). The Simurgh is 23 meters long, 16.5 meters wide and a little over 7 meters tall. It masses between 53,000 and 70,000 kgs depending upon its load and has room for six passengers. The vehicle's top speed is listed at 3920 kph (or 2450 mph).

The purpose of the Simurgh is command and control. It is packed with a wide assortment of communications gear, as well as surveillance equipment and a complete medical bay. It can allow Lebia to access her orbital satellite and can track Lucifer Folk by their distinctive signatures.

A simurgh is a bird from Persian myth. Ancient beyond belief, the simurgh knew all, and saw all that occured. It had even seen the death and rebirth of the universe three times.

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