UniForge Character Creator - Change Log

Change Log

Changes as of June 11, 2009

UniForge version 1.1.5 Released!

Program Fixes and Additions

This is a maintenance release consisting of code improvements and updates. No new features were added or changes made to the function of the program save for one: Check Updates will now look for the program packaged in Zip files instead of .sit, .tgz, or .zip.

Changes as of October 19, 2005

Uniforge version 1.1.4 Released!

Program Fixes and Additions

  1. Bug Fix - the arrow symbol in the Qualities, Skills, and Metaphysics tabs was not moving when the symbol resized. This has bee remedied.
  2. New Function - A Reference menu under the Help menu has been added. This shows the user what reference tables are available in the currently loaded data file. Choosing a datafile will load a window containing the information. All Witchcraft-related data files included with Uniforge have been updated with useful tables such as the Outcome Table, Fear Table, tables for the Seer Powers, etc.

Program Fixes and Additions

Changes as of October 10, 2005

Uniforge version 1.1.3 Released!

Program Fixes and Additions

  1. Bug Fix - When choosing Your Association, the program would fail due to unhandled empty Association description fields in the XML data. This problem is now handled properly. In addition, more error handling for NilObjectExceptions was added throughout UniForge.

Uniforge version 1.1.3 Released!

Program Fixes and Additions

  1. Bug Fix - The Export window was not functioning properly. If XML was not chosen first before any other option was selected, UniForge would crash. This has been fixed so all export selections work as expected.

Changes as of September 6, 2005

Uniforge version 1.1.2 Released!

Program Fixes and Additions

  1. Data fix - Bast Martial Arts skill has been eliminated from all WitchCraft data files. This was a rules misinterpretation -- Bast learn martial arts at the same cost anyone else does.
  2. Bug fix - The program would fill the Export window with the default XML code for the character before the save to HTML or text file could be completed, thus saving the XML code instead of the desired selected output. This has been fixed.

Changes as of August 8, 2005

Uniforge version 1.1.1 Released!

Program Fixes and Additions

  1. Bug fix - in Windows, characters opened with Open Recent would appear in windows behind the current window. This has been fixed such that the newly loaded character will appear in front.

Changes as of July 18, 2005

Uniforge version 1.1 Released!

Program Fixes and Additions

  1. Bug fix - Open Recent items had a problem introduced under the new compiler (RealBasic 2005) that wasn't present under the old compiler (RealBasic 5.5.5). This affected UniForge version 1.0.9b, which was compiled and released in order to enhance and speed up the the slow Journal feature under Windows.
  2. New Feature - The Windows version no longer needs the Multiple Document Interface due to enhancements to the Windows RealBasic API under RealBasic 2005. All UniForge windows now function independently under a single UniForge process. Before this enhancement, attempts to not use the antiquated MDI were foiled because the program would refuse to close if the X button was clicked instead of choosing Quit from the menu.
  3. New Feature - Portraits may now be attached to characters. To do so, open the Portrait from the File menu on your character. Then go to your file system (or web browser or other application from which you may drag images) and drag and drop an image file on the blank portrait image well. The portrait window will then resize itself to accommodate the image and display it in a framed window. On Macintosh, PICT, BMP, GIF, JPG, and PNG files are supported. On Windows, BMP files are supported by default. If you have Apple's QuickTime installed, the program will also support GIF, JPG, and PNG files. On Linux, you should see support for PICT, BMP, GIF and PNG files -- although the linux version is currently unsupported. When the file is attached to the character (save your character after you attach a picture) an image file will be saved along with your character. On Windows and Linux this will default to a bmp file, and on a Mac it will default to a pict file.
  4. Change - My development IDE (RealBasic 2005) does not like to draw controls embedded in tabs two levels deep. Therefore, to make my life easier, I converted the Notes, Contact, History, and Alternate Forms tabs under the Description tab to beveled buttons instead.
  5. Change - I made the Die Roller window a little bit smaller in order for users to fit more of them on the screen.
  6. Known Issue - The edit fields in the Journal, Notes, and Equipment field tends to scroll when there is a large amount of text there and you wish to delete. It happens quickly, but is mildly annoying. This issue is caused by a bug in the compiler and we are waiting for a fix. This occurs only on Windows builds of UniForge.
  7. Known Issue - There is a problem caused by the compiler where, on Windows, the choice of font will not be saved. It will default to the system font for now. However, style information such as bold, italic, underline, color, and font size will remain intact. This problem occurs only in the Windows build of UniForge.

Changes as of June 23, 2005

Uniforge version 1.0.9 Released!

Program Fixes and Additions

  1. Bug fix - Journals opened slowly on Windows. If the journal was very large, the program took considerable time to open it. I've optimized this now. It will open Journals nearly instantly now.
  2. New Feature - Unlimited Undo/Redo. The long-awaited function has now been implemented in UniForge across all text fields. This has been implemented on a per-window basis (thus all undos for the Journal window, for instance, are tracked separately from undos for the main character window). I designed it this way to reduce confusion for users who might edit several windows and characters simultaneously.
  3. New Feature - Dice Roller now supports rolling for Armor. Physical armor (that is non-magical) in Unisystem usually has a die roll assigned to it. Rolling to see how much damage the armor will absorb is different from all other die rolls in Unisystem in that a number may be added after a total is generated instead of before as is the case in damage rolls. Note that there is one exception in the form of Martial Arts, which also adds to damage after the total is generated. The "Armor" roll function may also be used to generate this damage as well.

Changes as of June 21, 2005

Uniforge version 1.0.8 Released!

Program Fixes and Additions

  1. Players may now keep journals. The new Journal feature may be accessed with a hot key (cmd-J for Apple, ctrl-J for Windows), selection from the File menu, or by clicking the Journal button in the Description tab. The Journal is special in that it will preserve this information regardless whether you have the Journal open for your character at the moment, and it automatically records Journal contents with your character file.
  2. Cleaned up the Styles and Fonts interfaces. Styles became a single menu item in a bevel button instead of many separate buttons. Fonts moved from a popup menu to a bevel button menu as well. This saved space and reduced clutter in the Description and Equipment tabs.
  3. You may now spawn as many Dice Roller items as you like. You may also spawn them with a hot key (again cmd-D for Apple, ctrl-D for Windows).
  4. Many internal optimizations to reduce the program size and reuse objects better.

Changes as of May 26, 2005

Uniforge version 1.0.7 Released!

Data Fixes and Additions

  1. A Description block was added to the general Text export.
  2. Modified the Wiki xsl transformer to work with /n row endings instead of || row endings.

Program Fixes and Additions

  1. The Export window has been enhanced. It can now be left open as a regular document window. It updates the XML information it uses for exports any time you click on the window. Thus, you can now open an Export, look at the export text, go back to the original character and make changes, and when you click on the Export window to bring it to the front again, it will automatically update the XML used in all the export functions and display it.

Changes as of May 18, 2005

Uniforge version 1.0.6 Released!

Program Fixes and Additions

  1. Character points summary at the bottom of the window now updates when items are removed from the Qualities, Skills and Metaphysics listboxes.
  2. Add Tab function to multiline editfields. This includes the Equipment field and the large fields under Description.
  3. The Load window allowed users to attempt to load no datafile, which threw an error. It's been changed so that if there was no data file selected in the list, the Load button will do nothing.
  4. Error handling for loading badly formed XML character files has been improved. Missing or misplaced tags are identified to the user with line numbers and information. This error only occurred when a user manually edited their character file incorrectly outside of UniForge. It is not possible for UniForge to create bad XML files in terms of tags.
  5. Filtering for characters illegal in the XML specification has now been put in place. Now, any time a character is saved, a very fast filter is run (in the form of a Regular Expression) that cleans out any and all illegal characters. Since these characters all consist of control characters and characters in undefined portions of the UTF standards, the user never sees these characters anyway. (Formerly, if a character typed an illegal character in an edit field such as a control- character, then UniForge would save the character normally, but would be unable to open it because it no longer adhered to the XML standard.)
  6. Separator buttons (marked with "--") are now present in the Qualities, Skills, and Metaphysics tabs. When pressed, they add a line with "--" in place of the name, but with all other fields blank. This separator row is meant to help users organize characters with long lists of things. For instance, you might use it to separate you Combat related skills from the other skills so you can locate them quickly in a combat scene.
  7. The graphics in the About window and the Loading window have been reduced because the programmer decided they were to big and garish. :)

Changes as of May 5, 2005

UniForge version 1.0.5 Released!

Data Fixes and Additions

  1. Exports (governed by the XSL files) were still showing blank data for unused fields. This was corrected at last.

Program Fixes and Additions

  1. Updated the readout at the bottom of the window to be more clear.
  2. This same readout now updates in response to any change in Qualities, Metaphysics or Skills lists.
  3. The behavior of the "Keep Qualities and Drawbacks Separate" checkbox was improved.

Changes as of May 4, 2005

UniForge version 1.0.4 Released!

Data Fixes and Additions

  1. All the Exports (governed by the XSL files) have been updated to exclude fields left blank.

Program Fixes and Additions

  1. Added a readout to the bottom of the main window that indicates current points spent/available.
  2. Changed the "Cancel" button on the Export Window to "Close".
  3. Changed the Export window type to a modal window. Exports are not updated when the user makes changes so this window type was changed in order to help users realize that they need to do an Export again after changes are made. This way, the user cannot make changes to the character without closing the Export window.
  4. The Sort Q&D button has been relabeled with "Separate" and a checkbox labeled "Keep Qualities and Drawbacks Separate" has been added to supplement the button. It is checked by default. As long as this checkbox is marked, the program will automatically keep Qualities at the top of the list and Drawbacks at the bottom of the list. When the list is reordered by clicking on the header, however, the program framework will not keep the items separated. The box must be clicked again (anywhere will do), or the Separate button clicked.
  5. The Background fields (Concept, Association and the description field for the Association) have been grouped to make them more legible. They had been squeezed by the Witchcraft image in the past. Since UniForge is now cross-genre, it didn't make sense to keep that image anymore.

Changes as of April 26, 2005

UniForge version 1.0.3 Released!

Data Fixes and Additions

  1. The Text Export option now behaves better, and smarter. Extra spaces were removed from the final output.
  2. Fixed errors in the Summary Export option.

Program Fixes and Additions

  1. Open Recent menu items now behave more intelligently. Most recently opened files are placed at the top. The list now holds up to 15 recent documents, and there is a "Clear" function that allows the user to flush this list.
  2. The Cancel button would become detached if the window was resized. This was fixed.

Changes as of March 26, 2005

UniForge version 1.0.2 Released!

Data Fixes and Additions

  1. Fixed the afmbedata.xml file where the Divine Inspiration powers listed "Divine Inspiration" as a Quality Prerequisite. It should have been simply, "Inspiration".
  2. Added new data files: Witchcraft + Mystery Codex (wcmcdata.xml) and Witchcraft + Mystery Codex + Abomination Codex (wcacmcdata.xml).

Program Fixes and Additions

  1. Added functionality to the Load Data File function produces a new window that allows the user to store any number of data files within the program's preferences xml database. This allows extremely fast switching between various data files for the user.
  2. Added rich text capability for the Notes, History, Contacts, Alternate Forms, and Equipment fields. Data saved in this format is appended to the character sheet along with a plain text version. (Using the plain text version makes converting the character sheet to HTML files much simpler.)
  3. The Macintosh version is now distributed in an Installer Package. This follows the standard Installation procedure for any application. This will make upgrading UniForge faster and more efficient as time goes on.
  4. A new menu item, Open Recent, has been added. This keeps track of the last ten character files worked on and allows you to reopen them with one click.

Changes as of March 18,2005

UniForge Version 1.0.1 Released!

  1. Added a Dice Roller function to the Help menu.
  2. Upated the Documentation to include discussion of the use of the new Dice Roller.

Changes as of March 17,2005

UniForge Version 1.0 Released!

  1. Fixed a bug in the character load function that would not recalculate bonuses to attributes correctly.
  2. Added the Tab menu and the ability to use shortcuts to flip between tabs in each character window.
  3. Added a button in the Equipment section that would, when clicked, automatically calculate carrying capacities, throwing capacities and an Encumbrance table.
  4. Added Documentation section to the web site. Also added the Documentation to UniForge packages
  5. Added a Help menu item that will automatically load the documentation into a browser window. If the documentation isn't in the expected place, it will ask the user to find it for UniForge.
  6. Added many minor fixes to all five uniforge xml data files.