UniForge Character Creator

The First Run

Each time UniForge is opened, it looks in your user preferences file to see if one for UniForge exists. If it does, it will read it and open the last data file you selected. If the preference file does not exist, then it prompts you to find one for it. This is what happens the first time you run UniForge.

Note that you will also see the program prompt you if it can't find the data file. This can happen if the file was moved since the last time you ran UniForge, or if you deleted the preference file since the last time you ran UniForge.

If ever you have problems getting the program to open, the first thing you could try to do is to locate the uniforgeprefs.xml file and delete it. In most cases, this will then allow the program to run after first prompting you for the location of a data file.

The problem most often occurs if you had tried to use data files that are in a compressed archive. When this happens, the operating system has difficulty finding it's way back to the file the next time the program is run. As with any application, it is recommended that all users expand the archive and save the contents before the first time you run UniForge.